Load .tlt or .riva model files in NeMo

Is it possible to load .tlt or .riva model files in NeMo to do inference, fine-tuning etc?
I have only found documentation that shows the other direction: deploying .nemo / .tlt files to riva.

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Would be great if somebody could give some advice here.

The reason why I’m trying to to this is because the English ASR Citrinet model available for Riva is more recent and performs siginificantly better than the model available for nemo:

Hi @nicolas20

Thanks for your interest in the Riva,

My Apologies for the deplay in response,

Currently we have conversion supported for nemo model to riva i.e nemo2riva,
regarding your usecase/scenario of using riva model in Nemo I will check further with the team and get back to you with more information,


Hi @nicolas20 ,

Thanks for your interest in Riva,

Unfortunately, currently at the moment, we do not support loading .tlt or .riva models in NeMo

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Hi, @rvinobha!

I understand from your words that loading .tlt in NeMo is not supported, but would be somehow possible to first make the conversion and then load the model?

Thanks for the advice!