Nemo 2 Tao


I trained citrinet.nemo and want to deploy in riva skills but I got error while deploy nemo → riva → rmir.

So now I’m trying nemo → tao → riva → rmir

Is there way to convert .nemo to .tlt or .tao ?

End user can load a .nemo file and finetune with citrinet.

tao speech_to_text_citrinet finetune -e <experiment_spec> \
                             -m <model_checkpoint> \
                             -g <num_gpus>

The “-m” can be .tlt model or .nemo model.

More, for your “I got error while deploy nemo → riva → rmir”, that is not expected. What’s the error? Did you ever create topic in Nemo forum for help?

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