Logitech webcam streaming: VIDEOIO ERROR: V4L2: Pixel format of incoming image is unsupported by Ope...

OpenCV installed as per

Jetson TX2 Jetpack 3.1
Please help. Little urgency to solve the bug.

Maybe this topic from openCV could help you.

The other solution is given by Honey in your previous thread.

You could try it with gstreamer with one more videoconvert to change it to BGR.

Thank you. Was able to solve the bug.


Glad to see you’ve moved forward. But as you’ve asked help to Jetson community, it would also be nice if you could share what you’ve found out to be the problem and its solution so that it can help next user facing the same issue.

It was little connection mistake
As Jetson has its own camera, my camera ported on “1” index not 0
Thats it.
Was in little hurry thats why couldnt sany much.
Thank you