Looking for a way to get the actual video driver version number

I’m already using the cudaDriverGetVersion and cudaRuntimeGetVersion to get the
runtime and driver version numbers. Since I have CUDA 3.1 installed these return ints of 3.1 as

But my video driver version number is 256.35, what I’d like to have available is
an API method that would return that value so my code can log that as well. The code I
work on is distributed to a large grid and by monitoring the log files, this would let me tell
when a grid host is behind on being updated for the video driver. I can at least find that the
driver is versioned so as to support CUDA 3.1 by looking at the cudaDriverGetVersion return
but I’m looking for finer control.

cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version

That works, I put the first line of that file into my Java logger.