How to get driver version info from codec sdk?

Is there way to get NV driver version info from video codec SDK?

There is cuDriverGetVersion interface in The interface can be fetched in dynlink_cuda.c.

Do we have another way not using cuda?

If you want to get NV driver version info with C/C++ code, the and its header files or dynamical link is the best way. The is a normal C/C++ library, you needn’t to write cuda kernel code to call the API in it.

Belated test. But cuDriverGetVersion is for cuda version, not nvidia driver version.

We do not have any API in Video Codec SDK using which we can get the NVIDIA display driver version, but we have an API (NvAPI_SYS_GetDriverAndBranchVersion) availabe in another set of APIs (which we call NVAPI) using which you can query the display driver version. Please download the package from

Documentation about this API can be found in the chm file present in the SDK package. There are few samples present which explain how to use NVAPI in general.