Looking for CUDA Video Decoder GL API Sample in CUDA 5.0


I am unable to locate the CUDA Video Decoder GL API sample in the 5.0 installation.
My install (on ubuntu linux) seems to have almost all other samples.
The decoder sample must be under the /samples/3_Imaging folder. Additionally, I could not locate the CUDA Video Encode (C Library) API sample and the CUDA Video Decoder D3D9 API sample.

I have not been able to verify if these samples are missing from the windows installation as well.

Kindly help.


Please read the “/samples/3_Imaging folder” as CUDA_TOOLKIT_PATH/samples/3_Imaging folder in the above post.

there is no video decoder API on 5.0 Linux version, it is only available on Windows version

Is there anyway to make “CUDA Video Decoder GL API” run on ubuntu 12.04 with cuda 5.5 or is this impossible because the example is native to windows? If it is impossible what about windows makes it impossible for linux?