Looking for Freelancer with UE4/5 RTX experience for a small comission

Hey guys,

For the production of a public art commission I am currently looking at the viability to use the unreal RTX engine to simulate dispersion effects of glass-prisms in reality. I found this inspiring video here and would need someone to help me set up a similar model but some tweaks to simulate our design / setting.

I am a complete noob in the field of real time rendering and have no clue about the issues intricacies, so in case you are interested, best we just jump on a call to discuss the details.

Feel free to get in touch with me here or @davidmanuel on telegram.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @register14 ! Welcome to the NVIDIA developer community!

Did you find someone in the meantime?
Or do you want to share a bit more about your project maybe?

In any case nice to see you taking on such an ambitious project!