Looking for Host gRPC to Docker Triton python example

I want to run python code on the Host which connects thru to Triton on Docker. I’ve done it with Flask and Google Cloud, and I just want to know if there are any additional steps accessing Jetson-Voice container on NGC.

I looked in the jetson-voice Docker container, but this seems like an HTTP Post stub instead.



if mode == “streaming”:
# Create gRPC stub for communicating with the server
print('opening GRPC channel ’ + str(url))
channel = grpc.insecure_channel(url,
options=[(‘grpc.keepalive_time_ms’, 10000),
(‘grpc.keepalive_timeout_ms’, 10000),
(‘grpc.keepalive_permit_without_calls’, True)])

        self.grpc_stub = grpc_service_pb2_grpc.GRPCServiceStub(channel)
        request = grpc_service_pb2.StatusRequest(model_name=model_name)
        response = self.grpc_stub.Status(request)
        server_status = response.server_status


Triton server is a part of Jetson Deepstream package in DS5.0.
So it should work with JetPack4.4 on XavierNX directly.