LTS stats reported by profiler

Hi, as I look at the LTS stats, I see

lts__t_sectors_lookup_hit          # of LTS sectors that hit                                                      
lts__t_sectors_lookup_miss         # of LTS sectors that missed                                                   
lts__t_sector_hit_rate             proportion of L2 sector lookups that hit              

However, when I get the real values, the calculated hit rate is not equal to (hit)/(hit+miss). For example, I see

lts__t_sector_hit_rate.ratio                    0.95
lts__t_sectors_lookup_hit.sum      sector       742,437
lts__t_sectors_lookup_miss.sum     sector       29,213

So, we see (742,437)/(742,437+29,213) = 0.9621 which is not 0.95. So, it seems that there are some other stats used in lts__t_sector_hit_rate. I didn’t find more information about that in the metrics list and I guess this is not a measurement error. Any idea?