LunarG Vulkan sdk for compiling vkdt on jetson nano?

Hello, trying to compile vkdt (darktable for vulkan, see github) on jetson nano, I failed it seems because vulkan sdk is not available. I get these messages :

unable to access to ‘pipe/modules//.tesc’ and ‘pipe/modules//.tese’
./pipe/raytrace.h:10:3: error: unknown type name ‘VkAccelerationStructureKHR’

any clue?
Has anyone ever installed LunarG Vulkan sdk on a jetson nano 4g?


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Tom K

For running Vulkan on Jetson platforms, please check
Vulkan Support on Jetson Linux | NVIDIA Developer

And a user has shared his experience. Please take a look at
Jetson Xavier NX FAQ

Q: Has anyone tried Vulkan?

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