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I have a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (Driver version 391.25) in my Dell XPS 8920 running Win 10 (64 bit). Is there a setting that will allow me to render in LuxCore modes “Path OCL” and “RT Path OCL”?


Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. Support questions are not answered in this section. Is this a consumer or developer focused issue? If developer, please find the category that best suits your product or service, and I can move your question for you. For consumer, please visit the GeForce forums.

Hello, TomK…

Sorry if I violated forum rules, but I posted that question on that forum in accordance with the instructions I received in an email a couple of days ago. Here’s what it said:

“Hello Henry,

“Thank you for writing back to us.

“Please login to the below link using NVIDIA Developer Account (in case you do not have an account, you will have to create a new account)

“Once logged in, click on the ‘New Topic’ option on the Top-right, below the Account Avatar Icon.

Add all information regarding your concern and create a topic.

“Best Regards,


NVIDIA Customer Care”

Does anyone at NVIDIA really know WHERE I can get an answer to my question?

Henry Hubich

Frustrated NVIDIA User

Hi Henry,

You did nothing wrong, just that the topic was posted in a category where there are no support resources. I searched the complete forum for any mention of LuxCore and came up empty.
You might try posting your issue on the LuxCore Github.

Best regards,
Tom K

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