Machinima Not Ready Yet?

So I was under the impression that the Machinima app would be available at the end of GTC because of this article:

GTC came and went and the app is still not there. Has Machinima been delayed, like how Audio2Face was(also thanks for not broadcasting that anyway side from this forum, not a fan of the poor communication).

To clarify:

I’m not asking about the Omniverse as a whole, I already have it, you can only download apps from the platform itself, so the link on this page here Omniverse Machinima App | NVIDIA is not remotely helpful.

All I’m asking is if Machinima is delayed. That is it, that’s all I’m asking about. Forgive me being irate but I’ve been trying to find this info for the past day or so and there’s been no communication on this matter. And no one else seems to be concerned. If its been delayed, that’s fair, take all the time you need, but please just make it clear whats going on.

Hi petercacciatore6,

GTC is still in full swing! We have a week left of the After Party. Machinima is on schedule to be delivered post-GTC. In the meantime - check out Intro to Machinima session on GTC On-Demand for a few sneak peeks (registration is free):[S32075]/1_jtg6pwhs

Thanks for asking, and let me know if you have any other questions…we’re as excited about this release as you are!


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Where did you find out that Audio2Face was delayed? Is there any official announcement? I couldn’t find it in the Omniverse App list(where it should be). I thought it was my own problem.

Audio2Face was available a few hours but it was unstable and has been retired in order to fix the bugs.
See this topic : Audio2Face wont launch - #23 by stephan_deutsch

We just released a new version of Audio2Face 2021.2.3 to the Launcher, you should be able to see and install it now. We have witness a few people having issues installing it so please let us know if you have any issues with it.

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