Manage 3D settings entry created in batch mode

Hello everybody, hello nVIDIA team,

we develop technical ERP software solutions for the construction industry on Windows.
In the NVIDIA control panel in “Manage 3D settings” is a posiblity to make an entry for a selected program.

Is there a posibility to create such an entry in a batch mode?
Within our product setup including remove entry on uninstall?

If there is an interface in form of an registry entry or an xml file, that would be sufficient.


Hi JJ - take a look at NVAPI and see if that meets your needs.

Hi Jones,
thank you, good entry.

I couldn’t find an API for setting application entries.

But additional questions:
Is the “Application Profile” user specific?
The setup will act as admin user …
Or is there a posibility to set an application profile for all users?

Or is there a posibility to start the nVIDIA initialisation with: I am an application which has to be started with the best powerfull environment?


Hi JJ -

3D settings are configured using the DRS NVAPIs which are part of the public NVAPI SDK. The DRS reference document on provides detailed information on how to use the NVAPIs.