Quadro profile distribution in a large organisation

Hello All. Does anyone have suggestions for best way to distribute “standard” settings across a large organisation? We use mainly Quadro cards (old and new) for Engineering (CAD and Simulation software) and we would like to control settings to give us best performance based upon the end users job role.


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Thanks TomNVIDIA

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NVIDIA does not actually offer any ready-made tools for this purpose. Unless the functionality of ´nvidia-smi´ is sufficient for your needs. The underlying Management Library NVML is meant to be used to create third-party apps that allow cluster management.

There is a list of cluster management software utilizing NVML to choose from. But of course you have many more options.

I hope that helps.

Hi Mike,
which settings would you change from default, for your users? We try to have best perf defaults ON out-of-the-box, mostly are interested to learn, which setting a user would change, and why?
Most of the settings in our CPL are also available via our public APIs, the NVapi, as well as the NVWMI API, so depending on what setting you desire to change, you might be able to create tools to be run in your environment, to manage change of these settings…?
Pls educate us, where you think our defaults don’t match best performance…

Hello… specifically 3D settings. Global and Program.
We like to set these for the application running on the PC (CAD mainly)
We would like one “template” we can distribute (or include in our builds) dependent upon the CAD application and the Quadro card model.

We are looking at NVWMI… could be the solution to our problem

well, the app profiles in the “Program Settings” tab ARE applied automatically, whenever the matching program starts - thats one way of us automating for best perf possible, but being stable and avoiding any knwon issues per app… this way, you can even have multiple apps open, and each app will get their matching settings applied.
Forcing one profile onto the whole system will NOT be great, all apps then run with these settings, and might cause issues…
The settings under the “Global Settings” tab are either test or niche-usecase settings, or apply to very special, customized appliance-like configs for specific vendors…
Can you explicitly tell us, which profile you will want to enforce?
if you create a new profile for a new app, we are ususally happy to work with the app vendor, and add his app (detection mechanism) and the profile to our database of professional workstation application profiles…

Hi Frank… thanks for this… I did not know it was automated. I previously logged a ticket with your support… this is the response…

A. For Dassault CATIA:

  • Adjust the 3D settings:
    • Under “Manage 3D settings,” select the “Global Settings” tab.
    • Set the “Preferred graphics processor” to your dedicated Nvidia GPU if you have multiple GPUs.
    • Set the “Power management mode” to “Prefer maximum performance” to ensure your GPU runs at its full potential.

  • Customize program settings:
    • Switch to the “Program Settings” tab.
    • Click on the “Add” button and locate the CATIA executable file (e.g., catia.exe).
    • If you can’t find the program in the list, click on “Browse” and navigate to the CATIA installation folder to select the executable file.
    Once CATIA is added, configure the following settings:
    • Set “Power management mode” to “Prefer maximum performance.”
    • Enable “Threaded optimization.”
    • Set “Triple buffering” to “Off.”

Are you saying this is done automatically…?

Sorry, I missed to see this request for confirmation :-(.

YES, Workstation Application Profiles for well known applications like Dassault’s CATIA are aplied automatically! no need to fiddle!
Appologies for the slightly incorrect answer from the support line… :-(.