NVIDIA X Server Settings - how to set per app rules?

I couldn’t find any of this online. Most tutorials are about how to use discrete or integrated grahpic card, not how to choose it per application.

I have installed latest drivers for Linux Mint 18.2 following this link https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads and choosing x86_64 -> Ubuntu -> 16.04 -> local deb
I followed all the instructions. I didn’t install the patch because there are no instructions.

Then I read and followed this:

I did add required directory to path and it worked, but after restart it doesn’t.

Prime has the most confusing settings I’ve ever seen.

I need to be able to work on this computer while it’s mining ethereum, so what I need to accomplish is for entire system to use integrated graphic card and apps to use the nvidia card.

I really do not understand what’s required to do so in NVIDIA X Server Settings.

When I click on Rules tab and + I get add new rule dialog.

It asks for:

  1. Process Name - matches this string.
  2. Profile Name

I guess process name is just file name right which is ethdcrminer64?

But how to create a profile? Profile has all kinds of fields I don’t understand.
I thought profile is going to allow me to just choose the grahpic card I want. But instead it asks for all of this: Key, Expected Type, Current Type, Value.

I just want to tell mining apps to use nvidia card. How to accomplish that?


If you’re just using the GPU for mining, you don’t need the NVIDIA X driver or nvidia-settings. You should be able to just run your miner app and point it at the right CUDA or OpenCL device.

The application profiles in nvidia-settings are mostly for controlling graphics settings, none of which should apply to your miner app.

Thank you for your answer, but how should I exactly do that?

Alright nevermind I found my answer here:

Key is not to use package manager drivers or distribution specific drivers, but .run file.