Managed wrapper around CUDA How to call a CUDA built dll from managed code

Currently, I am attempting to build and test a managed wrapper for a CUDA app in .NET.
I can use the CUDA Wizard for visual studio and compile/run my hello world apps, other apps, etc. However when I try to build and deploy it as a dll, I encounter some troubles.
My setup:

  1. The project that contains the CUDA code and generates an unmanaged .dll – builds fine.
  2. The CLI project that references this unmanaged dll(1) and is essentially just a managed wrapper.
  3. The C# project references the managed .dll(2).

Everything compiles fine, but i get an error.
When I use Dependency Walker (free download for those who are interested) it shows me that MSVCR90D.DLL and DWMAPI.DLL cannot be found, which is strange
because another reference to MSVCR90D.DLL shows the file as found.

Hopefully someone has a working sample of a .NET/CLI wrapper for a simple cuda function
or a few suggestions. Thanks.

Try I think all you want is already in there.

I am using it without any problems using Visual Studio express 2008.