MAX9286+max96705+AR1043 camera issue

Hi, I’m new to the camera development.
I have developed driver for the MAX9286+max96705+AR1043.
my camera module para:
Image sIZE: 1/4 inch CMOS
Output Pixels: 1280x720
Frame Rate: 1280x720/30fps
Output date: parallel/YUV422-8bit
Output Pixel clock: 72MHz
Now, the binding driver can register the device node /dev/video0.
but, when i run
v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 --set-fmt-video=width=1280,height=720,pixelformat=RG10 --stream-mmap --stream-count=1 --stream-to=1.raw
the kernel log show error:
[ 221.764361] tegra194-vi5 no reply from camera processor
[ 221.764532] tegra194-vi5 uncorr_err: request timed out after 2500 ms
[ 221.764677] tegra194-vi5 err_rec: attempting to reset the capture channel
[ 221.767228] tegra194-vi5 err_rec: successfully reset the capture channel

the attach file is the kernel log, dts file, trace log.
anybody give me some suggestion? kernel-log.txt (104.1 KB) trace-log.txt (106.5 KB)

tegra194-camera-ar1043.txt (8.7 KB)
BTW, my hardware: SOC CSI0(D0/D1) CSI1(D0/D1) —link to—MAX9286 ------Port 0 Link to ------Camera module(max96705+AR1043)

The trace log shows the NVCSI/VI didn’t receive any validate data from the MIPI bus.
You may need to probe the MIPI signal to check.

Thks for reply.
My camera module has isp and output format is YUV422.
The isp chip have config the camera sensor porperly and I have no need to config sensor through I2C.
Now , I want to reference the imx390.c driver to midify my YUV sensor driver. But I don’t know how to do?
Can you show me a YUV sensor driver?

Sorry to tell we don’t have YUV reference driver. But you can have a search in this forum should be able get some information.