Maximum exposure time IMX219


what is the maximum exposure time for the Raspi cam on a Jetson Nano?

I do not have the hardware at hand yet. In a Jetsonhacks video the nvarguscamerasrc gstreamer element prompts the exposure range max to be 683709000, which I assume to be ns, so about 2/3 of a second.

Is there a way to achieve an exposure time of 1 second? (E.g. by using a different gstreamer element?)

If no: Would it be possible to capture two consecutive frames and just add their values together to achieve a higher exposure time, or is there a gap in between the captures during which photons would be lost?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

hello bbrb,

  1. please refer to Sensor Driver Programming Guide, the properties based-on V4L2 Kernel Driver (Version 2.0), the exposure-time unit is microseconds.
  2. may I know what’s your use-case to increase exposure-time to 1-second.
  3. FYI, if you’re working with nvarguscamerasrc plugin, there’s exposure time limitation. please also check R32.1 Release Note for exposure range limitations.

Ok, great, thanks a lot. A factor of one thousand is significant. And thank you for pointing me to these documents.

Also i learned from the Picamera docs how rows of the sensor are being read an reset while the pixels are still exposed to light (there is no shutter). That means arbitrarily long exposure times should be achievable be adding pixel values of consecutive frames.

We are detecting airplanes at a distance at night by their anti-collision lights. In order to make sure to capture one or multiple flashes of these lights, a long exposure time is necessary.

Thanks again.