Maximum Gpus windows 8

Surprisingly I don’t see a published limit in max CPUs in windows 8. In windows 7 it was 6 gpus when using non tesla devices. Can anyone confirm the max for windows 8?

  • I mean Gpus not CPUs

Could you point to the document that specifies a maximum number of six non-Tesla GPUs for Windows 7 ?

There is no document. It’s by trial and error, which is frustrating for us non-institutional developers. Btw the limit for windows Xp is 8, and Linux is unlimited. Is there anyone here running more than 6 titans in windows 8?

also, you can add backplane external expansion boxes that allow hundreds of cards on the pcie bus. I am wondering is this supported in Titans? what will happen if i plug in 3 expansion boxes with 8 Titans in each box, will the host machine be able to resolve all 24 Titans? how do non institutional developers find answers to these questions without spending tens of thousands on a whim that it will work? please help nvidia!

To clarify: On the exact same system, you are able to use eight GPUs with Windows XP; only six GPUs when using Windows 7; and more than eight GPUs when running Linux?

To the best of my limited knowledge on such issues, limits on the maximum numbers of GPUs supported by a system are usually due to the limitations of the system BIOS. I don’t know why the limit would be dependent on the operating system, if that is what you observe in a controlled experiment in which only the OS changes while the hardware setup remains the same.

Echoing njuffa, the number of GPUs is usually limited by system BIOS, not the NVIDIA driver. Going beyond six or so often requires the involvement of the system OEM.

In your experiments, what happens when things stop working? [Does the machine fail to boot, or does it boot but some cards aren’t visible to the OS?]