Maya plug-in using cuda Problems associated with Maya-cuda

Hello everyone,
I have to make a Maya plug-in for a fluid simulator.I was wondering if it would have any trouble integrating it with Maya if it was developed using cuda.I have heard that cg has problems working with cuda. Wondering if the same problem is there with cuda too.
Please help guys.

Where have you read that cg has problems with CUDA? Cg is just a shader language, and even many of the CUDA SDK examples use shaders and CUDA without any problems. Mind you, I’ve never done OpenGL/CUDA interop myself.

As to your original question, it is possible to compile a cuda code into a shared library for use as a plugin. There should be no problems running CUDA code along with whatever else is running on the GPU/CPU.

well i heard this from previous students who tried to make their Maya plug-in involving cg. This is actually part of my curriculum and even the professor conveyed the same message about cg to me.

And yes cuda/opengl interop works just fine.i have done some work which uses both of them.Several cuda samples have such interoperability too.