-Mconcur still doesn't work correctly

Last August I reported a bug with the compiler option -Mconcur, using the PGI fortran 90 compiler for Linux. It was recognized as a compiler bug and given the number TPR3332.

After two compiler updates, this bug is still present.

I think Portland Group should stop advertising auto-parallelization until this bug is fixed. You just can’t trust it (the bug results in wrong numerical answers, not a crash, so may not be recognized).

At the least users should be advised to compare results with and without.

Hi Russell,

We do apologize for the delay in getting the fix for this bug into a release compiler. We do strive to have bugs fixed in a more timely manner, but in a few cases we are unable. The good news is that the fix is scheduled to be included with the 6.1 release.

Best Regards,