Memory Leak

I’m writing some code using CUDA 2.3 and I noticed that the memory reported by free was getting smaller. I suspected a memory leak and mcheck confirms it. Checking these forums I see that there are false positive memory leaks but this is most certainly real.

I compiled the sample Mandelbrot program and not only does mcheck confirm a leak but running the program confirms it.

What information do you need to help with this?

I’m running Ubuntu with kernel 2.6.28-15 on an AMD Phenom X4 with 4 G of RAM
NVCC reports release 2.3 V0.2.1221

CUDA hardware is a GTX 260

The code works pretty well and the speed improvement is quite nice but I’m trying to do an animation and after rendering only a couple of minutes worth 3 gig of memory has leaked away.

Any help would be appreciated