Memory leaks in CUDAAPI functions


I compiled NvDecodeGL from Video_Codec_SDK_7.0.1 and checked it with Intel Inspector XE to find memory leaks. Run command was:

> ./NvDecodeGL -nointerop -i=./1.h264 -o=./1.yuv

Inspector found a lot of memory leaks:

  • in VideoParser at line:
CUresult oResult = cuvidCreateVideoParser(&hParser_, &oVideoParserParameters);
  • in and

Also I inserted only 3 lines

typedef void* CUDADRIVER;
CUDADRIVER hHandleDriver = 0;
cuInit(0, __CUDA_API_VERSION, hHandleDriver);

in my own proigram and inspector found leak in CUDAAPI function


Are there a way to fix these leaks?


Try updating GPU driver.

I updated driver to NVIDIA 367.44 but still the same memory leaks…