MFC and CUDA included project files


i have added a simple cuda program to an existing project using mfc,
the debug version can link and run.
but the emudebug version can’t link

You can find all the project files, and run it.
you can compile and execute it in emudebug mode, BUT not with
MFC functions, because of a linker error.

There are explanations how to add a cuda program in an existing
MFC project.

François. (492 KB)

That’s because the CUDA SDK deployment is incomplete. NVIDIA must deploy the CUDA libraries using each C CRT model ( MD, MT, MTD, etc )… and not only the MT one… I hope in the future they fix that… I cannot release my .NET CLI/STL program due to that too. It’s annoying and cannot be solved using /NODEFAULTLIB… and they should fix the profiler too to allow GUI apps to change the current folder…

I really hope they can do that quickly because it is causing alot of linkage errors in my MC++ application too.

Fortunately, my problem is now resolved by using CUDA.NET.