Mic support & additional inputs

CloudXR is looking really promising. We noticed that there is audio streaming which is great. Is there also support for mic input the other way (eg for voice recognition/online chat)?

Also are there any ways of sending additional data back through CloudXR - eg on a Pico Neo 2 Eye where there is eye tracking support etc?

Yes, that’s what the “user data” stream is for. You wouldn’t be able to use eye tracking for foveated rendering as that needs incredibly low latencies, but you’d likely be able to use it for eye tracking for gameplay (like moving the player avatar’s eyes, or doing stuff based on where they look)

Microphone input isn’t currently supported though

Awesome thanks for confirming. Being able to piggy back eye tracking vector data into the “user data” stream is exactly what we are after, Thanks.

Makes sense that mic may not yet be supported as I expect it could consume more bandwidth and reduce latency however it would definitely be a useful addition - particularly where XR applications may be heading towards supporting more natural user interaction.