I am looking how to use MIG with multiple virtual machines (VMs). When we have multiple GPUs, we can attach different GPUs to different instances via PCI passthrough (OpenStack Docs: Attaching physical PCI devices to guests) in openstack and KVM environment. It seems that MIG works fine with Docker but it is not clear if it works with VMs too.

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From what I have been told by support you cannot passthrough single MIG instances to VMs. From what I have seen though, it does seem that you can create a VM with a full A100 and then partition that GPU inside the VM using MIG if that is what you are after.

Standard vGPUs seem to work fine in community openstack so hopefully MIG-backed vGPU will eventually be supported. That would be great but I still need to get my hands on some A100 to test that it is actually possible (nvidia docs mention support to RHEL OS/OpenStack, not more generic stuff).

Do ping back if you manage to get something going with MIG :)