Migration from CUDA 4.0 to the latest version How to deal with custom build rules ?


I’m using “CUDA Runtime API Build Rule”, path to the rules file is the following: “[MSVC Root Folder]\VC\VCProjectDefaults\NvCudaRuntimeApi.rules”. I’m using Visual Studio 2008.

What is the proper way of installation of the recent version of CUDA toolkit that would preserve all the settings of .cu files compilation ? I’m sure that .rules files that are provided with latest CUDA are different comparing to .rules of version 4.0 … is it possible to switch to new build rules without a necessity to reconfigure the compilation process for existing .cu files from scratch ?

Thanks in advance.

Lots of views and still no answer … don’t you guys upgrade CUDA from time to time ? :-)

It is rather annoying to reconfigure the settings of each .cu file upon each upgrade, does the silence mean that there is simply no other way ?