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Migration scripts did not “migrate” all tags correctly - “[img]” in bullets (for example), [b] in code (for example)…
The editing of migrated posts are also disabled. So can you enable editing of all posts again ?
Thanks, Martin

PS: This should be deleted.

Hi @mcerveny,

Thanks for pointing this out.

I have the vendor looking into this now. As for editing, members are allowed up to 48 hours to edit their posts. If you have a particular post that you wish edited, let me know.


Hi @mcerveny,

The issue is both of these instances were nested inside other blocks. The [img] tags reported were nested inside of an HTML <ul> list, and the <b> tags are inside of a codeblock. The platform post cooker (which takes the raw text and turns it into HTML) didn’t know what to do in those instances.

The posts with this issue were corrected. Let me know if you find any other examples.


Thanks for correction. There are more places to correct but it is so complicated to find,report,wait,correct… so leave this in that state forever.

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