Where is the markdown help for pre-formatting text in these forums?

How do I pre-format text in my post? I’ve been using ‘[’ code ‘]’. <-- I don’t even know how to write this correctly.

Where can I find markdown help for these forums?

int   x = 1;

Right now I’m basically just guessing (and failing.)
1 | 12 | 123
456 | 7 | 89

Unfortunately, this platform does not allow for pre-formatted text. This feature will be included in the upcoming forum update. :-)


Compared to the StackExchange sites, I find this site to be very lacking in features. Maybe you should find an alternative platform that at least has preview and better formatting options. https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2267/are-there-any-clones-alternatives-for-running-a-stack-exchange-style-qa-site.

I completely agree. We are working on moving to a new platform in the next quarter.