Awesome job with the new forums!

I have not been very active here (sorry), asked for help on something recently, just wanted to say the new forum design is awesome – great work with the refresh! Spent a little while looking around after the post, it’s very fluid / modern. I do have a bit of nostalgia for the old forums of course, but love what you all did here!

If you’re looking for possible areas of improvement (that are by no means any real priority hehe)

  1. Dark mode, the GeForce site colors are swell (users desiring this, you can find any number of browser plugins to override this if you like dark themes in the interim).
  2. Emoji support! The font ligatures make things like :D and :) look slightly deranged, but in an endearing way ;)
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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the feedback and for being a longtime member. We will certainly consider your suggestions in future platform updates.


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