Forum color scheme (OT)

Is it just me, or is everyone else seeing this new light grey on dark grey color scheme in the CUDA Forum? Is there a way to change this in my preferences? I find it much harder to read with these colors.

Looks like they are in transition. My text just turned white, and the links green.

You are not the only one who has a hard time coping ;)

We are working on fixing this.


Well done!

Apparently, a new scheme has been introduced again. Brilliant, as the german umlaut in my name is now displayed correctly. The grey-on-grey colour scheme takes, well, some time getting used to though.

edit: firefox 2.x and 3.0 on Linux, aka the browser combination that fails to work on CudaZone’s app browser.

follow-up: clicking on “mark this forum as read” falls back to the original colour scheme, except that CUDA seems to have moved up on the list of subforums.

Yeah, the new grey on grey scheme is much more readable than the previous dark scheme.

Firefox 3 with the new flash 10 beta works for me on the CudaZone App’s browser in Linux. You have to search for flash10 beta, but hey, after that it works :):)

And this scheme is indeed much, much nicer. I think I even prefer it to the old scheme.

I thought they were using dark screens to save monitor power! (like Now they have moved back to something else…

The original one with green was too good! I dont know what made them change! I had even quoted the design of this forum as a good example of how a forum should actually be to my company people!

I hope they dont change the user interfaces. They are pretty good!