[FEATURE REQUEST] Using GeForce forums color scheme

As far as I understand GeForce forums and NVIDIA devtalk forums have the same engine, so I’m curious if it’s possible to use GeForce forums color scheme here.

Hi Artem,

Nvidia chose to make the two forums look completely different on purpose. Also, the Grid forum (Virtual GPU) has the same look as Devtalk. Devtalk users might be happy to hear that we are looking at a total redesign of the Devtalk forums coming sometime in 2019.


I’m ok with current design, but I have to say that the green color of links to attachments on grey background makes these almost unreadable to me.

Hi HP,

As a quick fix, I actually have a ticket open to increase the font size of the attachment links. I will update here when the change has been made.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for the quick workaround proposal.
Seems to my eyes that it becomes easily readable with 130% zoom, but probably changing font or background color would be better.
Probably a darker grey background would lead to better contrast.

I’m ok with either theme, but picked the lighter theme because for me increased brightness adds to ability to read up close. The brightness on the sides/borders causes the pupils to constrict and increases the depth of focus (I have a separate set of glasses for reading versus driving).

On the other hand, I do find a lot about the darker theme I like within the center column where threads are shown (the inner content, not the outer borders). If not for the outer border darkness in the GeForce forums I’d prefer that.

A good design allows separating theme from layout so the user can pick a theme, but that’s a lot more work to implement well. If looking at software which already has the choice of picking a color theme which is customizable I’d consider that a plus. If not, I wouldn’t consider it worth waiting for.


The platform vendor just pushed a change to production that increased the font size and changed the background to white.

Looks great, however it would be even better if you showed the Unicode paperclip symbol before the attachment name.

Hi Artem,

That is another issue altogether. It is on my long list of things that need to be addressed in 2019.


Looks much better to me :-)
Thanks Tom.

Thanks @Honey_Patouceul!

@Linuxdev, thanks for the feedback.

As I mentioned before, we will be doing a redesign in early 2019.
I promise you all a better user experience.