Minecraft 1.7-1.8 and integrated NVIDIA

Two OS’es: Opensuse 11.4 (Linux 2.6.37) on SATA HDD and 12.2 (Linux 3.17) on USB HDD.

Two GPU’s: 7025 and 9800GT

Situation: I was needed to switch broken ATi Radeon to NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT, I took it from my second PC. I enable 7025 integrated in ASUS M2N68-AM-SE2 motherboard instead of 9800GT, and install 304.123 driver.

Minecraft 1.6 works fine with maximum graphics on 7025, it is 30 FPS on 1024x768 fullscreen. I played it for 2 years 2012-2013, until server have been upgraded to 1.7 in 2014. When I change Minecraft version to 1.7 in launcher, it is freezing every second. It’s fine FPS, but freezes. This bug is only with old 7025, 9800GT has 120 FPS without freezes on same PC. Why I decide to write to NVIDIA instead of Mojang? Open source reverse-engineered nouveau driver has not this bug. But in makes Kernel Panic when I trying to start browser.

I was going to buy a new video card until I saw that the old can also run Minecraft fine. After playing with nouveau, I rebooted PC with NVIDIA driver. Started Minecraft 1.7.10. Suddenly freezes are dissapear! I played for a half a hour, after this pressed F11 to enable fullscreen. In Minecraft, fullscreen changes screen resolution with screen flickering. Freezes are returned. I can’t reproduse good working with NVIDIA driver again.

Maybe it is firmware bug? As I know nouveau generates it.