Mini-ITX (ATX standard) Backplate for Developer Kit ?

I have a Phanteks Mini XL DS case with the Mini-ITX dual system upgrade kit that I purchased from JD ( to house two Jetson TX2 developer boards.

These have standard ATX-style space for blackplates for both boards at the rear of the case for I/O ports.

Unfortunately the developer kits do not ship with backplates. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy these, or failing that the best way to create one ? Maybe 3D printing ? Does anyone have a printable model for the backplate ?


I am also interested in this…

I’m using this case:

My TX1 fits perfectly in that case, but the rear side of the case is an eyesore without a proper backplate/ IO shield.

Wondering if there is a design schematic or something that I could 3D print or laser cut…

I’m also looking for the backplate.
I have my personalized mini-ITX housings that fits the dev board but no backplate.

Also suggestions welcome.