MIPI Camera stuck after few hours of capture

Hello all,

We implemented a 4 lane MIPI camera driver in our XavierNX based platform running on JP4.4. We are successfully getting 1080p video streams at 30fps or 60fps correctly.

However, sometimes (once every few hours, or randomly but quite rarely) the frame grabber gets stuck and starts operating at very slow frame rates (<1 FPS). The requires a stream reset through the platform reset-gpios.

We boosted the VI and clocks. The tracer doesn’t seemsto show a particular issue from what I understand.

The complete tracelog is attached
trace.txt (2.6 MB)

Note we also disabled CRC on RTCPU firmware level.

The device DTS is provided by camera the manufacturer and looks like:

  mclk_khz = "24000";
  set_mode_delay_ms = "5000";
  num_lanes = "4";
  vc_id = "0";
  phy_mode = "DPHY";
  discontinuous_clk = "yes";
  dpcm_enable = "false";
  cil_settletime = "0";
  active_w = "1920";
  active_h = "1080";
  mode_type = "yuv";
  pixel_phase = "uyvy";
  csi_pixel_bit_depth = "16";
  readout_orientation = "0";
  line_length = "2000";
  mclk_multiplier = "18";
  pix_clk_hz = "576000000";

Our tegra-cam plaform configuration (which supports other sensors on the remaining MIPI slots) look like this:

	tcp: tegra-camera-platform {
		compatible = "nvidia, tegra-camera-platform";
		num_csi_lanes = <4>;
		max_lane_speed = <1500000>;
		min_bits_per_pixel = <8>;
		vi_peak_byte_per_pixel = <2>;
		vi_bw_margin_pct = <25>;
		max_pixel_rate = <750000>;
		isp_peak_byte_per_pixel = <4>;
		isp_bw_margin_pct = <25>;

What do you think it comes from? @shaneCCC, any hints we can investigate ?

Thanks for your support,

The symptom looks like the sensor timing like settle time cause the problem.


Hello @shaneCCC,

I’m also affected by this issue. I am trying to reach the camera manufacturer for clues, however is there anything we can try for handling this at kernel/RTCPU level?


We are running further tests using a static cil_settletime value calculated according to XavierNX TPM.
We will provide results as soon as possible.