MIPI CSI Drivers for Jetson AGX


I am trying to locate MIP CSI Drivers for the Jetson AGX. Are they available? If so, where can I find them? I have installed JetPack 4.3 on my Jetson AGX.



Follow below link to download the source. The driver should be …/kernel/nvidia/drivers/media/i2c/


Thanks; I have used the SDK manager to flash JetPack 4.3.
Please confirm that this would also give me the CSI MIPI sensor drivers.

Since I am new to Unix, can you please specify the exact path rather than … in the line below.
I am unable to find it. Also this is referring to i2c rather than MIPI CSI.

Thank You.

Have a check this document for the sensor programing guide first.


Thanks for the link to the Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide.

I am at “Camera Modules and the Device Tree”.
Step 1. Locate or create a tegra-camera-platform device tree node in the kernel source tree at:

/hardware/nvidia/platforms …
WHere is the directory where you installed the board support package.

Using the SDK Manager, I installed JetPack 4.3 Does that include the Board support package.

I am still trying to find

Also there is reference to imx185.c etc. Where did you get that from?
I cannot find it.



Please read through the l4t document and you should be able get the much detail information.