Mistake with nvidia-ml-py on PyPi

When I go to:
it is shown that the latest version of the nvidia-ml-py package is 10.418.84.

However, when I run:

pip install nvidia-ml-py

I get a very old version (375.53) installed:

Successfully installed nvidia-ml-py-375.53.1

Clearly, this should not be the case and was a source of much confusion, especially as the older version doesn’t support Python 3!

The core problem is here:
Pip sees the inconsistently-named version “375.53” and decides that it’s much newer than “10.418.84” as 375 > 10. Can the link to the nvidia-ml-py-375.53.tar.gz version please be removed so that pip works correctly again? Or can the version number become for example 7.375.53?

I am aware that I can just do:

pip install nvidia-ml-py==10.418.84

But this means that every time anyone installs nvidia-ml-py they first have to understand that this version problem even exists, look up the versions on the website, and manually copy out the version number. When newer versions are released it also restricts easy updates due to the fixed version number.

Could this please be fixed?