Mobilenet-V1 training

Hello everyone.
I am trying to train the Mobilenet-V1 network (available in with the script made available in the following path: jetson-inference → python → training → classification →
Unfortunately I was unable to load the model, not even used the --resume flag.
Can anyone help me out? Thank you.

Would you share the command to train?
If you follow the instruction, cat and dog, and put the dataset into the proper position,
it would seem like this;
(supposed to 5 epochs)

$ python3 --model-dir=models/cat_dog data/cat_dog --epochs=5


Do you meet any error when loading the model?
To give more suggestion, would you mind sharing the detailed output log with us first?


Thanks for the replies @MtHiker @AastaLLL .

The command I run is the following:

python3 --resume=jetson_nano/KD/model/mobilenet.pth --batch-size=4 --workers=2 --epochs=1 jetson_nano/KD/data/

I don’t have any kind of error but the script starts downloading the pre-trained model “ResNet18”. This makes me understand that he didn’t accept my pre-trained model (Mobilenet).

How can I solve? Thank you.

IF you do not define --arch flag, the script will use Resnet-18 by default.

And try to use --resume and --start-epoch flags together to resume your custom model.

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