Problem with mobilenet-v1-ssd-mp-0_675.pth when re-training SSD-MOBILENET

Hi guys, I am completely new in the AI world so I do not have a clue what could be going on in here. I am following step by step the “Hello world” tutorial from Dusty-nv but when it comes the time to “re-train”, the system just creashes. I am using JetPack 4.6, I had installed all models and my hardware is Jetson nano 2GB.

Could anyone give me a hand here?

The error:

martin@Jetsonnano:~/Downloads/jetson-inference/python/training/detection/ssd$ python3 --dataset-type=voc --data=data/pokemons --model-dir=models/pokemons
2022-03-04 01:36:28 - Using CUDA…
2022-03-04 01:36:28 - Namespace(balance_data=False, base_net=None, base_net_lr=0.001, batch_size=4, checkpoint_folder=‘models/pokemons’, dataset_type=‘voc’, datasets=[‘data/pokemons’], debug_steps=10, extra_layers_lr=None, freeze_base_net=False, freeze_net=False, gamma=0.1, lr=0.01, mb2_width_mult=1.0, milestones=‘80,100’, momentum=0.9, net=‘mb1-ssd’, num_epochs=30, num_workers=2, pretrained_ssd=‘models/mobilenet-v1-ssd-mp-0_675.pth’, resume=None, scheduler=‘cosine’, t_max=100, use_cuda=True, validation_epochs=1, weight_decay=0.0005)
2022-03-04 01:36:28 - Prepare training datasets.
2022-03-04 01:36:28 - VOC Labels read from file: (‘BACKGROUND’, ‘pikachu’, ‘charmander’)
2022-03-04 01:36:28 - Stored labels into file models/pokemons/labels.txt.
2022-03-04 01:36:28 - Train dataset size: 33
2022-03-04 01:36:28 - Prepare Validation datasets.
2022-03-04 01:36:28 - VOC Labels read from file: (‘BACKGROUND’, ‘pikachu’, ‘charmander’)
2022-03-04 01:36:28 - Validation dataset size: 33
2022-03-04 01:36:28 - Build network.
2022-03-04 01:36:29 - Init from pretrained ssd models/mobilenet-v1-ssd-mp-0_675.pth
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 309, in
File “/home/martin/Downloads/jetson-inference/python/training/detection/ssd/vision/ssd/”, line 119, in init_from_pretrained_ssd
state_dict = torch.load(model, map_location=lambda storage, loc: storage)
File “/home/martin/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/torch/”, line 571, in load
with _open_file_like(f, ‘rb’) as opened_file:
File “/home/martin/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/torch/”, line 229, in _open_file_like
return _open_file(name_or_buffer, mode)
File “/home/martin/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/torch/”, line 210, in init
super(_open_file, self).init(open(name, mode))
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘models/mobilenet-v1-ssd-mp-0_675.pth’

I am not running the Docker. I did it and the error is the same.

Thanks a lot!!


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