Modify Camera Sensor Driver OV5693


We are trying to modify the camera sensor driver for ov5693 to test a different sensor. The address of our sensor is 0x30. We are using R28.1

We replaced the camera address 0x36 by 0x30 in the dtb file as follows:

		ov5693_a@36 {
				reg = <0x30>;
				mclk = "extperiph1";
				devnode = "video0";
				avdd-reg = "vana";

We checked the boot logs and we noticed that the probe function is not being called.

We assume that the update to the dtb is not correct. How do we need to update the dtb to get this to work?

Thank you

I believe the devboard camera uses EEPROM to identify itself using plugin-manager. You would probably need to follow the sensor driver programming to disable plugin manager so that the driver will probe with I2C instead.

Download the “L4T Documentation” package from the download center for your Jetpack/l4t version, the sensor driver programming guide is one of the sections.

Thank you for your reply.

I have disabled the plugin-manager.

What would be the best example to create a dts file for our sensor?

The file mentioned in the sensor driver programming guide “tegra18x-quill-cv-camera-modules.dtsi” does not seem to exist.

Thank you

I have an open source driver for the LI-M021-MIPI that you could reference.

Otherwise the r28.2 sensor-driver programming guide has almost everything you’d want to know

What does your hardware look like?

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Would it be possible to modify the existing ov5693 entries in the dts file instead of creating a new dts file?

Thank you

Sure, you could even modify it in place on the TX2 itself

You should take a look at this thread, seems to be attempting something similar: