Issue with add a new camera sensor driver on TX2


I add a new camera sensor driver as the NVIDIA_Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package28.2 Start_L4T_Docs.html described. In the L4T_Docs, there are two method to add the sensor DTSI:
1.Using Plugin Manager
I add the new sensor DTSI as the e3326 sample, but do not have any sensor driver probe print info during system booting stage. Only when i change the status to okay definde in tegra186-quill-camera-modules.dtsi:
lrC1200_cam0: ov2775_a@36 {
status = “okay”;
the sensor driver can have the probe print info.
Normally, the status should be “disabled” in modules dtsi, and be “okay” status in tegra186-quill-camera-plugin-manager.dtsi.
Q1: Why my camera driver do not start to probe in Using Plugin Manager? Addtion, the new camera module do not have module_id or eeprom.

2.Using Main Platform Device Tree File
when i remove the following line: #include <t18x-common-plugin-manager/tegra186-quill-camera-plugin-manager.dtsi" in tegra186-quill-p3310-1000-a00-00-base.dtsi, burn the new dtb to the TX2 board, But,the kernel can not boot.
The Main Platform Device Tree method are suggest by the Start_L4T_Docs.html for my camera module which not have eeprom and BoardID.
Q2: How to remove the Plugin Manage and the kernel can boot okay? Have something need to notice?


hello limiao,

  1. Plugin Manager works if your camera module has onboard EEPROM.
  2. you could check [Using Main Platform Device Tree File] session in the [Sensor Driver Programming Guide]

here are additional materials for your reference,
[NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package]-> [Release 28.2 Development Guide] from the [L4T documentation]
[V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial] from the