Modify the uart buffer size

hi nv team,
I enable the serial@3140000 (which is ttyTHS4 in system) in the devicetree.

accroding to the below link

I want to resize the buffer size (xmit_fifo_size) in userspace . but it return failed

I also try to change from the debugfs as follow but it show Permission denied

so how can I modify the uart buffer size ?

hello mmcly,

please try modify below via kernel sources.

 /* tuning parameters */

thx @JerryChang
for me, What I want to change is the size of rx fifo. Another detail is the xmit_fifo_size I read from the system is 36, which is different from the param FWTTY_PORT_TXFIFO_LEN

hello mmcly,

could you please try revise the definition as following,

#define TEGRA_UART_FIFO_SIZE                    36

please recompile kernel sources and updating the kernel image for confirmation.

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