More information about raw metrics, passes, and configuration blobs

I’d like to be able to get the names of the raw metrics generated by
I would have though that they’d be in the parameter passes in
NVPW_MetricsEvaluator_GetMetricRawDependencies_Params field ppRawDependencies
(could those names be any longer?)
But that returns a a bunch of char * that point to ascii-encoded hex values (!).
I would also like to get the list of raw metrics in each pass.
Perhaps this information is available in the
NVPW_RawMetricsConfig_GetConfigImage blob, but the format is undocumented.

I can get some of this information from the report file after I run a collection using the actions available from the python interface. Not the list of passes though.This uses the NvRules interface, which doesn’t seem to be available from C++ (?) and also doesn’t. seem to be callable at config time (since there’s no available context or actions).

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is intentional obfuscation in order to avoid giving anything away about the hardware PMUs… it would be nice if I were wrong.

– Larry

No takers, huh? I guess that answers my question. There’s no way to find out exactly what the raw metrics are or what the formula is for the derived metrics. It is apparently considered to be a trade secret.