Mounting rootfs from nvme ssd at boot

I copied the rootfs from the internal emmc(16GB) into a NVME SSD (64GB).
In addition I modified the extlinux.conf on the SSD rootfs with root=/dev/nvme0n1p1
and erased the boot folder from the emmc rootfs.
I intended for the Cboot to look for that folder in the emmc , not finding it since I deleted it and then find it in the NVME SSD.

My problem is that on the one hand after booting the system mounts the SSD rootfs (I have much more space than the emmc) but on the other hand Cboot not prints (serial log) that it found the extlinux.conf in the nvme.
I expected for it to write that its looking in the emmc , failing to find and then finding it in the nvme.
If that’s not the case, what is actually happens?


The rootfs has 64GB (mounted from SSD):

The emmc rootfs doesn’t have a boot folder:

Edited extlinux.conf:

boot.log without indicating “Found extlinux.conf in /dev/mmcblk0p1” or something similar as I expected:
boot.log (144.1 KB)

Sorry that please directly put nvme priority higher than emmc case in this case.

can you please tell me which exact partitions I need to reflash after compiling Cboot in order for the boot priority to take effect without reflash my existing kernel and rootfs?

I tried before to just reflash my kernel-dtb partition using the ./ script and the boot process broke.

Thank you.

Please refer to cbo.dts in the developer guide.

Found it:

4.Flash the partition CPUBL-CFG. See Flashing and Booting the Target Device for instructions.

Thank you

By your permission, I just wish to verify 2 last things:

  1. If I flash 1 specific partition the knows to delete only that partition (and no others) and flash it to the right place.

  2. If I delete some partitions entries from flash_xxx_.xml file in order to flash couple specific partitions instead of one each time , knows to flash them to the right place. I’m asking this because the .xml file changed (contains less partitions) therefore maybe it will change the layout.


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