MTU 4K on ISR 9024-D-M


I want to use MTU 4K on my connections. Where and how can I setup the MTU on the switch?

Neither in GridManager nor in CLI I can find something to do it…

With best regards


Hello Effe,

You can find the user manual for this switch at the link below. On page 224 there is instruction on how to set the MTU. Hope this helps!


it is quite an old switch and i am not sure if it supported the 4K MTU.

Hello Steve,

thank you for your effort to help. But unfortunately this doesn´t help. Both in the GUI and in the CLI you can only show the current MTU but you can not set.

Do you have another idea?


Hello yairi,

yes, it is quite an old switch… On page 224 there is instruction on how to view the MTU and below in table 23-5 is the following information:

Field Description Possible Values

… … …

MTU Maximum Transmission Units Range: 256 to 4096

So this must be supported…