Multi-GPUs server / Workstation Liquid cooling


I want to announce some news of development that we are working on it at the moment.
We build awesome servers / Workstations based on Multi-GPUs Liquid-cooling for AI, Machine learning, Deep learning & Rendering.

Comino is the manufacturer of all Liquid-cooled solutions, and we support all GPUs in the market. We want to share some reviews of our machines with several options.

Also, we can share a free benchmark ( remote access) for those who would like to test the machine performance. Leave a comment, and I will proceed with further instructions.

Please get back to me or share your comments here if you need assistance.
Back to reviews.

1- RMv2L with Quad GPUs RTX 3090 and 32 Core AMD Threadripper Pro.

2- A100 Waterblocks installations.

3- Linus review Part 1 & Part 2