A100 inside workstation

I have two questions regarding the A100:

  • can I use the GPU in combination with only a CPU with video-output? So, inside a workstation without second GPU? And if I use a second GPU for video output - which one are suitable?
  • can the A100 be implement it in a tower, or is it necessary to built it inside a server-rack to enable enough air cooling?
    Thank you in advance!

I have forwarded your question to our customer support team, just incase there are some nuances.
In general our non-video output GPU Accelerator products can perform high performance computation along any device which can output graphics. There is no dependency on the graphics.
If your system and budget allows, having another graphics card with a GPU with the same compute capability will give you alot more performance and also enable you to test out multi-GPU scaling of your application.
Good Luck with your build - please share your progress with the community - there are lots of folks who would be interested.

Regarding the cooling and airflow.
The A100 was designed for data center and hence rack mounted servers, however - as long as there is sufficient airflow, the actual chassis doesn’t matter, so a tower installation is an option. There are thermal sensors on the card too - but better cooling translates to better performance.