Multi monitor

Hi everyone,

I have desktop, which include video-card GTX-1060 and two monitors.

I would like my games to run on both monitors, but unfortunately my games “see” only one monitor, and the second monitor does not participate in the gameplay. This situation exists only for modern games and games supported by the Steam platform. However, some older games like “Jurassic World Evolution” and “Serious Sam” are able to stretch into both monitors with a full resolution of 2400 x 1920. All new games and Steam use only one monitor and half resolution 1200 x 1920.

My desktop is running Windows 10 LTSC 2019, 64-bit. It and all installed applications (office, photos, editors, media player) use both monitors, except for my games.

My attempt to manually correct the configuration files in the game location directory or correct the configuration keys in the system registry did not lead to success.

My game manager from NVIDIA - “GeForce Experience” also “sees” only half resolution - 1200 x 1920 and only one monitor. GeForce Experience reports this in its settings window about the properties of the system:

                  GPU  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Version of driver 528.24
CPU Intel(R) Core™i7-7700K CPU@4.200GHz
RAM 63.92 GB
resolution 1200 х 1920, 59 Hz

What should I do? My desktop have last version GPU driver and GeForce Experience.

Hi h6626196,

This really a question more suited to the GeForce forums than the developer forums. Especially since you use a non-standard Portrait mode setup.

Still, here are some comments.

Spanning games over several monitors either has to be supported by the game itself or you need to span your whole desktop across those monitors. This is the legacy “Surround mode” feature in the NVIDIA control panel (not GeForce Experience) where you specify which monitors should be used as one Display area. Otherwise games will only use the primary monitor.

Another thing is the difference between fullscreen and borderless or windowed mode in games. In fullscreen most games will “take over” one physical Display device, not anything the OS or the graphics driver provides them as a virtual display device. That means in that mode it is unlikely that a game will see more than one screen.

I hope this helps!