Multimedia api decoder occasionally stops when set ostime

Hi, I’m decoding H.265 stream (640x360 30fps 1 stream) from IP camera using multimedia API.

I’m wrote code based on multimedia api sample. (video_decode_main)

I found out if I set date to past time over and over(ex, while true; date -s “10:10:10”; done;),
decoder stops working at dqBuffer().
(The example above is an extreme script to reproduce the problem.)

Also, When decoder stops I can’t see NVDEC frequency value when printing tegrastats.
Symptom similar to this issue

Is there somthing decoder relative with os time?

It looks to be invalid if you keep modifying system time. We don’t expect this condition in running any application. Is there a reason for keeping changing system time?

That condition is just trying to reproduce the issue frequently. Issue occured when I tried to adjust os time using NTP server (time moved to past) at first time.

Both output plane and capture plane takes long time at dqBuffer function.

It seems that not showing NVDEC value in tegrastats means it’s not working.
Is there anything happens in NVDEC when I adjust time?

When symtom occurs, I can’t to anything with decoder threads. It goes fine when I move date to future.
Is there any ideas to solve this problem?

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