Multiple data sources in dataset_config

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In the following link, there is an example Experiment Spec File.
One of the configs is the data_sources,
and I am wondering what might be the correct syntax for multiple data sources.

would the following be the right syntax?
- image_dir: /path/to/images/dataset_a
json_file: /path/to/annotations/dataset_a.json
- image_dir: /path/to/images/dataset_b
json_file: /path/to/annotations/dataset_b.json

Or does it not accept multiple data sources at all?

Can you share the link? Thanks.

Oh sorry, DeformableDETR - NVIDIA Docs.
It is in the ‘Creating an Experiment Spec File’ section.

You can refer to below.

    - image_dir: /path/to/1
      json_file: /path/to/1.json
    - image_dir: /path/to/2
      json_file: /path/to/2.json
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